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uh yeah im a loser.

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sorrybye [.Wednesday. .09.01.04. .11:35pm.]
school = no more journal
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haha, how lame. [.Thursday. .08.26.04. .10:44pm.]
i havent been online since sundayyy, since then i...

got my permit,
signed up for drivers ed,
worked like a slave mother for bob's,
drove my parents around everywhere,
drove to work and back lotsa times,
drove to checkers and back like once,
received a fork that says I <3 FOOD on it,
drove to danielle's and ate her dinner with such a fork,
drove ryan to freshman orientation and back,
drove danielle home from such an orientation,
watched 378642763 diff olympics,
ate every fast food around,
went school shopping,(kinda sorta.)

in no particular order cause i lose track of these things
see how boring it is being grounded :P
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who even cares [.Thursday. .08.19.04. .11:44pm.]
Tuesday: jared came over then we went to danielle's and junk i think that was the day i visited joe at kb
Wednesday: went to danielle's again, jill lora alison and jacky were there.. i need to see lora more often that girl is great
Thursday: went to jared's with meghan danielle and cava (we broke out the twister lmao)

danielle i saw you 3 days in a row? psht

if you were there, you know the details ;) if not, you should've been.
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i cant believe your wearing a blanket [.Tuesday. .08.17.04. .1:21pm.]
jared john and cava came to my house out of nowhere when my mom wasnt home they better not have gotten me in troubles. good job guys you earned yourself a journal entry because nothing else happens anymore work isnt as much fun but mr.christensen came into bobs yesterday and bought socks and i got to meet his son that was pretty exciting.. yesterday went to the mall with joe matt and andrew work tonight tomorrow should be good.
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[.Friday. .08.13.04. .3:23pm.]
last night i kidnapped joey!! i am so proud :D ..we saw princess diaries 2 lol .. danielle and jared were there too.. im not sure about that movie but it was really fun because we were loud and the other like 3 people there were funny and loud too.. danielles phone rang two different times during the movie i was laughing at her and she actually answered them and was talking to people lmao.. i love my mommy she actually came and got all of as at like 1230 at night. if you know my mom at all she like usually goes to sleep at like 830 but yeahh i had fun which is always good lol

..did u ever look at urself in a spoon? ur upside down on one side but right side up on the other.. crazyyy.
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wigglet!! <3 [.Wednesday. .08.11.04. .5:26pm.]
work.. party.. sleep.. work.. (i hate people and their goddamn coupons).. thats all ive been up to lately lol
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boston symphony orchestra ..say whatt [.Monday. .08.09.04. .4:15pm.]
woo my weekend in mass. was boring, big time.. today i spend the day recovering by sleeping it was grand.. i would put my schedule up but it will most likely be changing because the stupid guidance people fucked it up like they do EVERY year.. i learned how to use the cash register and i only messed up real bad like 2 times heh its fun :)
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bitch dammit! [.Thursday. .08.05.04. .10:58pm.]
today i woke up (i sound like matty's journal) lol yeahhh i ended up going to mini golf with joe. two mini golfs in one week lol.. I WONN YAY!! by one point heh we both got a hole in one .. then i had to beat him in air hockey too lol but then he cheated and beat me in the driving video game psht..then we went on the go-karts they are fun lol.. then we walked to waldbaums and saw jacky working there lol.. me and joe went food shopping and i got to go in the shopping cart (not a wagon) lol we looked at all our favorite foods.. bagel bites (not pizza bagels) lol i love food stores :) we ended up buying 4 apples a box of fruit snacks and a card lol..

tomorrow i am going for my permit in the morning, start my first day of work at Bob's 12-4, then we are leaving for Massachusetts and i wont be home until sunday night ! i dont really wanna go away but its only for the weekend and i love hotels so it wont be that bad i guess
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gabrizella <3 [.Wednesday. .08.04.04. .10:16pm.]
today i went over danielles house and hung out with her jacky and kris.. it was good fun as alwayss.. kris made these amazing cookies out of like cake batter? i was like wtF thats crazy but whoa they were so yummy lol we ate food and stuff then went in the pool.. kris almost drown herself with her ginormous boobs lmao ..we played some volleyball in the pool.. listened to music and junk i dunno its mostly the conversations we have that make it interesting but you dont get to read about those hehe.. then we took naps in the grass that was fun ..after kris and jacky left me and danielle just hung around.. i played perfection with her little sister heh that was cute ..gabrielle is so exotic look at her she is a freaken brazilian model or something! gabrizella is more like it.. "boys are icky and disgusting and they pick their noses"..ahh to be a fourth grader ..well after that i went to flute lessons for the first time since like may.. =O its crazy i dont deserve the title as a bandgeek ..
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[.Tuesday. .08.03.04. .11:16pm.]
JOE woke me up pretty freaken early so we could go see the white castle movie. he thought i didnt like it but i thought it was really funny.. it was the first time we ever hung out when he wasnt working or matt wasnt there heh ..i was scared because i am so silly like that but hey i survived then when i got home my mom took me food shopping and stuff then jared wanted to go mini golfing which sounded fun so yeah we met there at like 7 with john paluszek and danielle orlando which was weird cause i havent talked to that girl in ages but whatev it was alright we mini golfed and jared won ..then went go-karting which is so fun and we only had one batting token that we shared hah that was interesting then we all went back to jareds to watch tv and hang out and junk it was a fun day i say yep now i am home finally.
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[.Monday. .08.02.04. .7:10pm.]
havent updated in a while!
Thursday: i went for and interview at Bob's !! :O i was so scared but i got the job woo im excited i get monies yay!!
Friday: me and danielle went to the mall i think heh i def spent all my money that day haha after the mall i called up matt and we visited joe at kb after that me and danielle went back to her house to burned cds then i went homee
Saturday: went to the city for the whole day and shopped and junk i saw the girl from save the last dance her name is like julia styles.. she was like RIGHT THERE i was so close ! i didnt realize who she was untill later on haha but yeah i thought that was pretty interesting.. and i saw phantom of the opera hah i am so cool
Sunday: it was my grandmas b-day so we drove out to calverton for dinner with my grammy, aunt, uncle, and cousins emily and eddie and then we got ice cream mmm then i went to danielles house for a much needed sleepover :D [do you even know what a gang bang is!?.. lmao all day long id piddle in a bush.. muchos emos.. playing dress up yeah you know how we do lmao!]
Monday: (today?) yeah me and danielle slept the day away then ate lotsa food and went in the pool for awhile and yeahh the norm heh.. danielle ur dad is awesome throwing alli in the pool freaken awesome.
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That's Not In Here!! lol [.Wednesday. .07.28.04. .9:21pm.]
WOW today i went to jacky's house with danielle lora and kris.. i havent hung out with that many females at once all summer.. i needed that you guys can make me laugh so baddd <3333 :) ..we hung around and talked listened to music and talked ate lotsa food and talked and then we made pizza and talked then went in the pool and talked lol obviously there was a lot of talking lol lora brought the fiddler on the roof soundtrack and made me a copy its crazy stuff lol today is my parents anniversary and junk but ive been in a bad mood ever since i got home from jacks. lol my dad took away my cell phone because i painted it with sparkley nail polish.. he says i dont take care of my stuff blah blah.. whatev but he read all my text messages!!! gerrr i got so mad at him so i screamed at him and i prob made it worse and now he wont give it back rawr .. then i watched enrique wilson hit himself in the face with a foul ball ouch then he got an rbi lol ..tomorrow i have to go for an interview at Bobs :O im scared. now the alarm is going off and i dont think my house is on fire so im going to throw something at in about 2 seconds gerrrr i need a nap.
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boreddddd [.Saturday. .07.24.04. .11:57pm.]
1. Your name spelled backwards. htiaf yasdnil
(but if is was naomi that would be a cool backwards name)

2. Where were your parents born? farmingdale/ syosset

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? *actually looks* uh.. a le tigre song lol

4. What's your favorite restaurant? the snack bar in riverhead. i want to live in riverhead. lol.

5. Last time you swam in a pool? yesterday at danielles house in the rain with missy and gabi her sisters.

6. Have you ever been in a school play? in like 3rd grade

7. How many kids do you want? ZERO

8. Type of music you dislike most? prob rap. or techno. is techno a type of music? i hate techno lol

9. Are you registered to vote? nope not old enough yet

10. Do you have a car? no but my parents are looking at cars for me. too bad i dont have a permit yet haha

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped? no i dont think so lol

12. Ever prank call anybody? actually yeah but it was awhile ago like before everyone had call id lol

13. Ever get a parking ticket? no

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? i dont know ha i would be so scaredddd

15. Furthest place you ever traveled? california

16. Do you have a garden? nopes

17. What's the size of your bed? ok i have a bunk bed . the top is small and the bottom is big i dont know why i have a bunk bed. i just throw crap on the top and sleep on the bottom but my bed is awesome lol

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? haha i doubt it

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night? shower whenever i feel like it usually morning

20. Best movie you've seen in the past 4 months? probably dodgeball

21. What's the next movie you want to see? the white castle one

22. Chips or popcorn? chips

23. Have you ever broken any hearts? none recently

24. Are you a good cook? not at all

25. Orange or Apple juice? ORANGE juice is the greatest

26. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine? with my grandma we went to ihop where she knows all the people there

27. Favorite type of drink? lemonadeeeeeeeee

28. Best thing in the world? eating a whole lotta food then taking a real long nap :) lol

29. Have you ever broken a bone? countless fingers and toes. and my left ankle ouch i have pictures of that wanna see?

30. Have you ever won a trophy? we have crates full

31. What is your favorite board game? eh it doesnt matter they are all the same lol i like puzzles better

32. What is your dream car? the bmw across the street is cute.

33. Ever order an article from an infomercial? no but i watch them all the time

34. Coke or Pepsi? pepsi

35. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? i need a job

36. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy? hair dye?

37. Who are you going to marry? a boy

38. Who would you like to meet? anyone

39. Do you believe in love at first sight? i dunno i would explain but im too lazy lol

40. What features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? eyes hair lips

41. Where would you go for a romantic evening? i dont know im no good at that stufffff

42. How many pairs of shoes do you own? like 8

43. Last song stuck in your head? styx lmao "the jig is up the news is out they finally found me...the renegade who had it made.. something something something" .. lol sorry it was in my head so i typed it out

44. Any pets? 3 cats. and we are watching my dog in law while they are in ohio.. dogs are annoying they follow you everywhere lol

45. What's your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character? adam sandler <3

46. What is one thing you would like to learn to do? play the flute, throw a softball ..yeah that would be cool.

47. What do you do when you are bored? go online ,listen to music, sleep , complain about being bored.

49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? full fridge

50. What is one thing that makes you really sad? when i think about growing up :(

51. What is one thing that makes you really happy?food/sleep/my bed/when my computer works good and doesnt freeze/

52. Have you ever thought of running away? yeah but i never went anywhere

53. Have you ever snuck out? once hehe

54. Do you do drugs? no

55. Do you smoke? no

56. Favorite season and why? summer.. my b-day is in the summer.. no school in the summer.. nothing to do in the summer.. its a good season

57. What do you think of abortion? whatev

58. What do you think of Life in general? its neat

59. What do you think of homosexuals?. whatev

60. Are you scared of death? yeah! i remember the first time i realized i was gonna die.. i cried for like a week.. make mes all teary just thinking of it now :(

61. Are you religious? not at all lol

62. Do you think you're a strong person? not in any way

63. Have you experienced a lot other people haven't? i doubt it

64. Wanna tell us? i would if i knew lol

65. Love your parents? acourse

66. Your siblings if any? 1 bro r-yan

67. What'd u do today? woke up at like 1 ate food went back to sleep till like 4 then i watched tv then i went online. today was boring but i didnt feel good so i wanted to stay home

68. What are you doing tomorrow? most likely shopping with the rents if they dont bail on me again. lol.

69. What time is it? 11:57 pm
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ohhh that scared me a little [.Friday. .07.23.04. .9:34pm.]
today i woke up. i went online plans with matt and joey fell through oh well.. i waited for my mom to get home from work like i always have to do because she works till 3 that means i cant go nowhere till 3 well yeah she came home then i went to danielles!! ..we swam in her pool in the rain for awhile.. then went inside and ate tortellini salad like woah.. and orange pineapple juice nonsense.. it was amazing. then we listened to music and burned cds for awhile then decided to see a movie.. i wanted to see a cinderella story before joe so he would cry like a little girl.. i got to see hilary before him HA.. chad ooohhhh <333 lol the makeout scene in the rain mmmm memories.. me and danielle enjoyed it cute movie whatev.. then we came back to my house.. watched fear factor and made fun of the people and junk now we are listening to coheed and watching bevis and butthead that my bro was watching before ah im tired fun day bye.
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say peppers [.Thursday. .07.22.04. .11:59pm.]
crazy day i wake up and get ready to go to meghans house lol we watched super troopers and made our emo to-do list which included our pink star glasses haha ..so we hung around for awhile and then andrew calls me and says that we are gonna go crash jon dixons 'party' lol so yeah me and meghan get ready and we stop at wendy's on the way that was awesome ..lol then we get to andrews and rob brown was there we hung around for a bit then started walking to dixons.. andrew showed us the scenery for the porno he wrote for joe haha then we get to dixons.. rob and andrew like went crazy haha i heard dixon got in a lotta trouble from his parents because of that which is awesome well we didnt stay at dixons long ...we took rob naranjo with us and went back to andrews lol i had fun there because those kids are crazy i saw all of andrews weird videos he makes with his friends.. then we made our own video haha i was taping meghan andrew rob and rob and i was laughing so hard i couldnt hold the stupid camera steady.. lol yeah good stuff.. then i got home and called danielle who was actually invited to dixons haha we talked and then i 3 way called matt and i knew joe was there ..then matt 3 way called joes cell so the four of us talked for awhile about nothing in particular.. i think everyone was really hyper and yeah funny stuff ..now im so tired and i wrote this whole entry before and the window closed it damnit. but here it is again it was prob better the first time but whatev
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in-diana avenue [.Wednesday. .07.21.04. .11:16pm.]
today was funny.. i went to jareds for poker night.. what the fuck im terrible at poker lmao.. it was a little weird at first i didnt really know the guys too well that were there ..but of course i won them over with my lindsay faith charm ;) ..hah but yeah things got better once i broke the ice or something like that.. it was me jared cava john paluszek and brian the smart kid from ward melville ha ..we played poker then monopoly then hung out in jareds room haha ..the best was when we went outside .. talked about random things and had like the weirdest conversations on his front lawn haha.. truly havent had that much fun in awhile.. yeah even if thats kind of sad oh well those guys are too funny i swear i couldnt stop laughing it was like one stupid comment after the next.. boys are so dirty ..def have to hang out with them again sometime .. DONE.
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My Day. [.Tuesday. .07.20.04. .10:47pm.]
today i went out to find a job again.. it sucked and was really boring and i will never get a job lol ..but after that i went to mattycakes' house.. we watched the new aqua teen dvds for a bit he showed me his dumb lyrics database or whatev.. but then we walked to kb and saw joe at work lol he looked so silly with his little green shrek ears on haha.. then feif showed up too! its funny how long we were there and joe didnt even get in trouble or anything ..then i got to see joeys lil bro hehe.. jimmy is cooler than all of us.. and then meghan walks in! joe also bought me gummy worms with his discount.. then i went home it was a fun day i guess.. whenever i hang out with matt he buys me stuff so thats fun ..plus i havent seen joe all summer.. i needed that.
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i should watch more movies lol [.Monday. .07.19.04. .9:18pm.]

**bold the ones you have seen**

001. X-Men
002. The Craft
003. X2
004. Swimfan
005. Fellowship of the Ring
006. Finding Nemo
007. Peter Pan

008. Home Alone
009. Aladdin
010. The Ring
011. 10 Things I Hate About You
012. Not Another Teen Movie
013. Spiceworld
014. 8 Mile

015. Bambi
016. Pirates of the Caribbean
017. Edward Scissorhands
018. Stepmom
019. My Best Friends Wedding
020. 101 Dalmations
021. Scream
022. Scream 2
023. Scream 3
024. Big Daddy
025. Billy Madison

026. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
027. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

028. Heartbreakers
029. Dumb & Dumber
030. Two Weeks Notice

031. Scary Movie
032. Look Who's Talking

033. Blade
034. Blade II
036. Titanic

035. O
037. Carrie
038. Carrie 2: The Rage
039. Daddy Day Care
040. Legally Blonde
041. Austin Powers

042. Storm of the Century

043. Oliver and Company
044. The Two Towers
045. Return of the King
046. Mighty Ducks
047. Fast and the Furious
048. 2 Fast, 2 Furious
049. A Walk To Remember

050. ###
051. Beauty and the Beast

052. I Know What You Did Last Summer
053. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

055. Mary Poppins
056. Tuck Everlasting
057. The Patriot

058. The Wizard of Oz
059. Killing Ms. Tingle
060. Crossroads
061. Now and Then
062. Pearl Harbor
063. Just Married

064. Cast Away
065. Radio Flyer
066. Final Destination

067. Lady and the Tramp
068. Shallow Hal
069. 40 Days and 40 Nights

070. Bring It On

071. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
072. The Outsiders
073. The Matrix
074. Perfect Storm
075. Cruel Intentions
076. Never Been Kissed
077. Clueless
078. Bruce Almighty
079. Remember the Titans

081. Girl, Interrupted
082. SWAT
083. Sixth Sense
084. PhoneBooth
085. The Lion King
086. Urban Legends

087. Nightflier
088. Lion King 2

089. Little Mermaid
090. American Pie

091. Center Stage
092. Scooby Doo
093. Bedazzled
094. Mrs. Doubtfire
095. Save the Last Dance
096. My Girl
097. American Beauty
098. Romeo & Juliet
099. Lost World
100. Casper
101. Miss Congeniality

102. The Rock
103. Face Off
104. Moulin Rouge

105. Sleeping Beauty
106. Alien
107. Tombstone
108. Lake Placid
109. The Recruit
110. The Shining

111. Pocahontas
112. French Kiss
115. Italian Job

116. Love, Actually
117. Identity
118. The Mummy

119. Drumline
120. Finding Forrester
121. Monster's Inc.

122. Freddie got Fingered
123. Spawn

124. All I Want
125. Mallrats
126. Dogma
127. Rat Race

128. Stigmata
129. Eye Of The Beholder
130. To Die For
131. Gangs Of New York

132. A Clockwork Orange
133. Chicago
134. Big Fish
135. Donnie Darko
136. Chinatown
137. There's Something About Mary

138. National Security
139. What Dreams May Come
140. Lilo and Stitch
141. Selena
142. Les Miserables; Tenth Anniversary Concert

143. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
144. Oliver
145. The Haunted

146. Jane Eyre
147. Monty Python and The Holy Grail
148. Annie
149. Pleasantville

150. The Goodbye Girl
151. Evita
152. How to Deal
153. The Frighteners
154. Grease

155. The Breakfast Club
156. Best In Show

157. Benny & Joon
158. Chasing Amy
159. Clerks
160. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

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[.Sunday. .07.18.04. .6:34pm.]
well today was fun.. i woke up and went to jill's for her graduation party.. i had myself lotsa fun ..everyone got in the pool for a bit ..oh yeah i just remembered now that i was pulled in .. haha that was fun.. saw my buds jacky and lora who i havent seen all summer!! me and meghan laughed when saves the day came on.. haha dont worry ill save your day lol.. then we all played volleyball for the rest of the time which was also very amusing ah great day im so tired now though ..i just got out of the shower ..i think ill take a nap or something lol nobody is really talking anyway..bye.
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[.Saturday. .07.17.04. .10:26pm.]
today was a long and boring day .. i wasted the whole day out shopping with the fam.. i hate the weekend in the summer because everyone is home from work and wants to go do stuff blah oh well lol.. the highlight of my day was when we went food shopping and me and my bro were like hyper beyond belief and we both didnt want to be there so somehow i end up in a shopping cart and he is running around the store lol .. he like ran over a grape or something and we both almost died haha.. now i am watch aqua teen hunger force on dvd.. what a beautiful thing! lol i bought that and reno 911 with some of my b-day monies..

oh and yes when i came home yesterday joe IMed me and now things are all better between the two of us ..which is very good because things are so weird when we arent talking.. i could talk to that kid all day its insane.. i dont know anyone i could keep a convo going with for that long! we better not fight anymore sillyhead! even though it was all my fault, sorry again!! so this has been a crazy week but everything turned out splendid i say :) now i need a nap
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